We’re a design & development studio helping enterprises and grassroot start-ups focused on growth craft their new beginnings.

Behind the brand

Collabs & Partners

Aside from our clients, we also collaborative and lend our talents to other studios, tech companies, and marketing agencies. Interested in having us onboard? Contact us

Where we're from

Our core team is from Los Angeles, Chicago, & Nottingham. Los Angeles is home, and where everything happens first.

We care about your results

We care about the success of your business and your project as if it was our own. We're here to help guide you through our process of launching a successful project.

We're creative people that love working with clients who are leading impactful companies designed to leave the world in a different place. We act as a partner that is thoughtful through every step. We care about your long term results more than setting the record time for getting you out the door. I think that is what makes us at Crafted a unique group to work with.

- Dexter, Founder / CEO. Crafted Studios

Our Team

Dexter Washington
Founder / Creative Director
Chris Loggins
Lead Webflow Developer
Shyne Webster
Brand Designer
Edward Penna
Brand Designer

Friends we trust
to get the job done right

Outside of our team, we also pull from and refer a pool of our friends we’ve met and worked with along the way.

Cohere City (Branding Agency)

What our clients are
saying about us

“Crafted took the time to fully learn who I am and how we can bring that person to life when someone comes across my webpage. [...] my client’s have raved about how simple it is to navigate and schedule an appointment. I’m already seeing an 80% increase in bookings. Crafted will be the only people I work with for future branding projects and solutions”.

— Barry Greene, Owner of Shades of Moss

Crafted Studios hopped on some scoping calls, put together a rapid solution to transfer our site to Webflow, and was ready to execute in no time...with some added functionality. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and were incredibly responsive. Best of all, they equipped us with a video tutorial so that we’ll always be able to make copy/photo updates and changes to our site on our own. We’ll definitely be repeat customers [...]

— Kristen Bahnsen, Co Founder of Fable

"Working with Crafted Studios is a really smooth process. Dexter and his team communicated well throughout the whole process of building the website and really captured the image of our brand.  The flow of our new website compared to our previous one provides a great user experience and guided journey. Since launch we've seen an increase in traffic".

— Jalen Clark, Co-Founder of Black Wealth Renaissance

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