Our Objectives

UX/UI Design

WordPress Development

API integration

Lever setup the task for us to design and build a new careers page for Allegiant. Our objective was to build the site in a way that is easily manageable for the Allegiant team. First, we opted for Webflow – so we built a working prototype with it first. For production, we moved to Wordpress with Lever powering the job posting API backend and helping us get that up and running. We had an extra hand help us with WordPress Development, a thanks to Bkreative Media for their assistance.

Visit website here:

Our challenges

Our challenge was making the site work for multiple teams. Lever needed familiar code so they can manage it into the future. Allegiant needed usability and plug & play tools. The balance of this took a lot of upfront work setting up environments for the Allegiant team. Design wise, keeping it modern wasn’t an issue, it was a matter of making the repetitive layout interesting. New photography from Allegiant kept it from feeling repetitive, and played a huge role in the refresh of this site.

Old vs new

The new design makes it easier for applicants to get to information quickly, filter jobs on the site, and apply.

The new design is more focused on important content first, and creates a lot of room on the homepage to visit different parts of the site throughout. Coming off of multiple awards for “Best Place to Work” - we wanted the design to showcase that also. Making the site feel much more friendly with new photography.

The end result: a new platform to rely on for years to come

These systems will keep Allegiant running with a modern look that isn’t trendy, but instead focused on basic web principles. This will help them stay fresh and relevant in a landscape where some Airline design teams go for awards for their landing pages and websites. Allegiant is able to stay current, satisfy users, and grow for years to come.

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