Our Objectives

Webflow Development

Lottie animations

Technical integrations

Technical consulting

Our objective was to build a site that Zest provided the designs for and help them improve on those designs where we see fit. We also implemented different tools for marketing and data tracking. Zest was looking for a partner who can help them dial in their designs and lean in on their expertise when it came to Webflow development and technical skills. Crafted Studios was the best fit, after a few talks and a couple of laughs over Google Meet -- we got the process rolling.

Our challenges

One of our main challenges was -- all of the tools had similarities toward one another and a lot of the same features. They centered around lead generation and analytics. We aimed for consolidating these tools to save money and make their systems easier. It's simpler to check 1 or 2 dashboards compared to 4; without being able to we moved forward with the build. Another concern was on the front end how will these tools gel together? It all ended up working out in the end.

Before and after facelift

We helped them make the decisions from a UX perspective on how certain sections could be structured.

The new face-lifted site features a mint and dark blue color palette into their grey tones like previously, but this time it's stronger in the design. This makes the important pieces of content more noticeable and creates a clear roadmap to their contact and demo forms. The new design is focused on making CTAs clear, showcasing their products in a new light with new animations and making navigation around the site a lot faster.

The end result

The end result is a website that runs more efficiently and helps Zest reach business goals by measuring KPIs that measure lead activity, lead generation, and traffic. From a development standpoint –– the Webflow site is optimized and the class system makes this a breeze for the marketing team to update without the worry of breaking any elements.

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