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Sep 20, 2021
Dexter Washington Jr
Founder / Creative Director

Adding to compliment the abundance of design and artistic talent, we're excited to work with Chris Loggins.

Adding to compliment the abundance of design and strategic talent, we're excited to partner with Chris Loggins. We're proud to work with someone that's is passionate about supporting others in achieving their goals. Chris is from the Chicagoland area and he's been a Web Development Professional for 6+ years. He is also a Webflow Expert Partner.

Chris will help our clients build scalable solutions as they grow into the future. Looking at the options of low code and no code tools, our goal is to reduce the tools our clients use on a daily basis if we can; as well as source and build custom solutions that can replace an overload of software. We just want to make work easier and that's baked into everything we do -- our job is to help brands grow, not spend. Chris as been a huge help in this area and we're excited to continue our mission together.

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