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Nov 24, 2021
Dexter Washington Jr
Founder / Creative Director

Yahoo hired us to implement Webflow for future campaign launches and our ideas to help leverage new tech.

Crafted Studios helps Yahoo / RYOT Studios build an experience to compliment the initiative to help black artists enter the NFT world. The NFTs are Hosted on Superrare and the agency - Disrupt Space is hosting the intitative. All of these companies have a goal in mind to showcase the stories of black artists.

When we were approached by the people at RYOT they were in need of a team they can help them come up with creative solutions for this campaign website. To add to that, they wanted to use Webflow to build an ecosystem of templates for their campaigns in the future.

Huge thanks to the good people at RYOT for trusting us to build this campaign website, it was exciting to be a part of. Looking forward to continue working with them.

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