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Jan 1, 2022
Dexter Washington
Founder / Creative Director

A recap on a phenomenal year. We hit the ground running early on and through the learning experiences we grew a lot.

At Crafted Studios, it’s been a phenomenal year for us. We hit the ground running early on and through the hard learning experiences & the growth we’re happy to say we’re leaving 2021 better than we entered it. Of course, we can’t forget our clients, our partners, and our team members and collaborators that made this happen this year. 

What we've learned last year

As we launch our new website in 2022, we gained a lot more clarity on what our clients need and expect from us. We’ve worked with a lot of mature companies to improve on older systems and only a handful of start-ups. With this, we got some insight of what a mature company and the people working in it need at the cusp of no longer being a startup and growing into a polished organization. 

We’ve introduced a new service: Web Application Development. A part of “welcoming new growth” for our clients may involve implementing new systems to onboard customers, manage products and projects, and launch them more efficiently. We aim to create applications that do that.

Along with that, we’ve improved our web & brand design services. Focusing on integrations that unlock founders, product leads, and marketing teams to track necessary KPIs –– because what gets measured gets improved. As far as branding goes, we tend to work with brands that have an identity to build and improve on. We now have a team with years of experience who know how to lead brands into the next phase creative and strategy wise.

2021 highlights and a look into the future


We’ve partnered with a lot of thriving companies this year and I’m proud to say we’re trusted by them:

  • Cohere City
  • Pact Studio
  • Lever
  • Mashman Ventures
  • Webflow
  • Yahoo RYOT Studios (Yahoo’s immersive experience department)
  • We’ve also created an “extended family” for Crafted Studios which just means we created a small group of friends who are founders and freelancers that we can rely on as trusted referrals or partners in collaboration.

One of them is Visionary Rising, a creative agency with a focus on helping independent creatives and companies. Here’s a bit about them from their website: “Since launching in 2016, Visionary Rising has helped independent creators & creative-focused companies shift perspectives and rethink what’s possible while bridging the gap between artists, brands, and the audiences they covet”.

Crafted Studios is and always will be a place for collaboration, open minded dialogue, and creative thinking. This model showed us that better projects come from that and there’s no limit when working together.


I can say it now, but we’ve worked with some dope companies this year. A favorite of mine is a Fintech company called Zest AI in CA.

Honorable mentions:

  • Allegiant Air
  • FalconX (crypto trading)
  • Habito
  • Solstice Grown

We launched a total of 30 projects this year. It’s not a race to us, we’re focusing on expansion into the next year by doubling down on what worked in 2021.


Our team has expanded to 6, looking to add to that into next year. I want to stay small so I can’t imagine growing over 8-10 right now. If you’re interested in joining a cool team, are well versed in Webflow, and you’re a web designer, check out this doc here for more info: Looking for a Webflow Developer / Designer

Here’s to 2022, once again thank you to everyone who played a part this year. We look forward to working with you next.

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